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Manage Intake, gain a Client 360 & close more opportunities with OnLegal CRM

Transforming legal CRM & Matter Management with OnLegal


OnLegal is a Legal CRM & Matter Management solution that sits on the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

OnLegal is a product from Creation Technology, a Premium Partner of Salesforce. The solution sits on top of Salesforce & can be used either stand alone or in conjunction with a  Salesforce Industry Solution. 


Transform the way that you deal with Matters with the latest technology or the most secure cloud.

Legal CRM for the Salesforce Platform

Transforming Legal CRM & Matter Management with Onlegal for Salesforce

Client Intake Management

Manage new Client Intake with OnLegal CRM & automate the process of document collection management.


Client 360 Management

Gain a true Client 360 degree view with OnLegal. View Client details, Matters, Communications, Opportunities, Intakes etc


Opportunity Management

Manage any form of Legal Opportunity for any practice type using OnLegal. Workflows can be customised as needed.


Client Question Sets

Automate the process of document collection on Intake, during a Matter or prior to Instruction with Client Question Sets.


Matter Management

Manage a wide variety of Matters directly on Salesforce & without the need for a costly integration.


Matter Tasks

Create as many Matter Tasks as you wish & record task status, key actions etc. Record time against Matter Tasks.


Time Recording

Record time spent on a Matter or Matter Task by members of your team. Report on Matter Time to support Invoicing.


Expense Recording

Record Expenses incurred against Matters & Matter Tasks. Report on Matter Expenses to support Invoicing.


Marketing Communications

Marketing Cloud can be used in conjunction with OnLegal to engage clients with multi channel communications.

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